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Current Handicapping Records
SportWinsLossesWin %RankUnitsRank
NFL292751.8 %40-35.043
NCF232053.5 %3350.035
NBA403851.3 %44-90.043
NCB847652.5 %2320.023
MLB000.0 %00.00
NHL171947.2 %27-256.023
CFL000.0 %00.00
WBA000.0 %00.00
OverallWinsLossesWin %RankUnitsRank
Past 7 Days1150.0%0-5.00
Past 30 Days222943.1%48-507.045
Active Season19318051.7%46-311.049

Past Records
Last Season0-0 /   0.00-0 /   0.00-0 /   0.00-0 /   0.00-0 /   0.00-0 /   0.0
Prior Season0-0 /   0.00-0 /   0.00-0 /   0.00-0 /   0.00-0 /   0.00-0 /   0.0


About Gino Moretti Handicapping Services :
      A little bit about myself:

I am 59 years old, originally from Queens. I came out west to Las Vegas in 1973, at which time I took a position at the Stardust Hotel/Casino. I spent 30 productive years in the casino gaming industry in both Reno and Las Vegas Nevada. I retired from the casino gaming industry in 2010 to spend more time with my family.

This website allows me to continue what I love to do but to a lesser extent. I am not a professional gambler, I am just good at what I do and enjoy doing it. I like to do things at my own pace and by my own rules and my philosophy has always been one of quality over quantity. I am very selective and I may not find a play for you every day.

You wont find any crazy and outrageous “Games of the Year” or “10,000 Unit Locks” here, those are marketing techniques. All of the games I give to my customers have the same rating, nothing more and nothing less.

What I have learned, is that people want to see results and its not about what you have done in the past but more so what have you done for me lately. With that being said, I will have my picks monitored at an independent sports monitor.

If anyone has any questions, I would be more than happy to speak with anyone and answer any questions you may have. I look forward to the opportunity in providing you with your next Winning Ticket!

Best of Luck

Gino Moretti

Gino Moretti

Cappers Monitor Awards held by Gino Moretti
No awards at this time

Game Results For The Past 30 Days
NCB 01/23     7:00 pm   Georgia at LSU LSU -11 L
NCB 01/23     7:00 pm   George Mason at Dayton George Mason 8 W
NCB 01/23     7:00 pm   Valparaiso at Indiana State Valparaiso 3 L
NCB 01/23     7:00 pm   Richmond at St Josephs (PA) under 143 L
NCB 01/23     7:00 pm   Purdue at Ohio State Ohio State 1 L
NCB 01/23     9:00 pm   Missouri at Arkansas Missouri 7 L
NBA 01/23     7:05 pm   Toronto Raptors at Indiana Pacers Indiana Pacers -6 L
NHL 01/23     9:35 pm   Minnesota Wild at Colorado Avalanche Colorado Avalanche -131 L
NCB 01/24     7:00 pm   Tulsa at Cincinnati Tulsa 14 L
NCB 01/24     8:00 pm   North Carolina State at Louisville Louisville -4 W
NCB 01/24     10:05 pm   Eastern Washington at Portland State over 150 L
NCB 01/24     11:00 pm   Washington State at Oregon State Oregon State -12 W
NBA 01/28     7:05 pm   Golden State Warriors at Indiana Pacers Golden State Warriors -7 W
NBA 01/28     7:05 pm   New York Knicks at Charlotte Hornets Charlotte Hornets -12 L
NBA 01/28     8:05 pm   Denver Nuggets at Memphis Grizzlies Denver Nuggets -5.5 L
NCB 01/28     9:00 pm   Baylor at Oklahoma Baylor 6 W
NCB 01/28     9:00 pm   TCU at Texas Tech Texas Tech -5 W
NCB 02/01     7:00 pm   Davidson at St Bonaventure Davidson -1 W
NCB 02/02     6:30 pm   George Mason at Virginia Commonwealth George Mason 8 L
NCB 02/02     8:00 pm   TCU at Baylor Baylor -4 W
NCB 02/02     10:00 pm   Loyola-Chicago at Illinois State Illinois State 1 W
NFL 02/03     6:30 pm   New England Patriots at Los Angeles Rams New England Patriots -1.5 W
NBA 02/04     10:05 pm   San Antonio Spurs at Sacramento Kings San Antonio Spurs -1 L
NBA 02/04     8:05 pm   Indiana Pacers at New Orleans Pelicans Indiana Pacers -3 L
NCB 02/04     7:00 pm   Louisville at Virginia Tech Louisville 4.5 W
NCB 02/04     8:00 pm   Penn State at Northwestern Northwestern -3 L
NCB 02/05     8:00 pm   North Carolina State at North Carolina North Carolina State 10.5 L
NCB 02/05     8:00 pm   Florida State at Syracuse Syracuse -2 L
NCB 02/05     9:00 pm   Kansas at Kansas State Kansas State -2.5 W
NCB 02/05     9:00 pm   Vanderbilt at Arkansas Arkansas -7 L
NBA 02/05     7:05 pm   Los Angeles Lakers at Indiana Pacers Los Angeles Lakers -2.5 L
NCB 02/06     7:00 pm   George Mason at Richmond George Mason -2 L
NCB 02/06     7:00 pm   Rhode Island at Davidson Davidson -4 W
NCB 02/06     7:00 pm   Maryland at Nebraska Maryland 3 W
NCB 02/06     7:30 pm   St Bonaventure at Duquesne Duquesne -2 L
NCB 02/06     8:00 pm   Baylor at Texas Texas -3 W
NCB 02/06     9:00 pm   Wisconsin at Minnesota Wisconsin -2 W
NCB 02/06     11:00 pm   Utah at USC USC -5 L
NCB 02/07     7:00 pm   Penn State at Ohio State Ohio State -7 L
NCB 02/07     7:00 pm   Cincinnati at Memphis Memphis 4.5 L
NCB 02/07     11:00 pm   Pacific at St Marys (CA) Pacific 15 W
NHL 02/07     7:35 pm   Anaheim Ducks at Ottawa Senators under 6 W
NHL 02/07     7:35 pm   Winnipeg Jets at Montreal Canadians Winnipeg Jets -113 L
NCB 02/09     2:30 pm   Villanova at Marquette Marquette -1.5 L
NCB 02/09     6:00 pm   Duke at Virginia Virginia -1 L
NHL 02/09     10:05 pm   Columbus Blue Jackets at Vegas Golden Knights over 6.5 W
NCB 02/11     9:00 pm   Oklahoma at Baylor Baylor -4 W
NCB 02/11     9:00 pm   Kansas at TCU TCU -2 L
NCB 02/13     11:00 pm   USC at Stanford Stanford -2 W
NCB 02/16     6:00 pm   Illinois-Chicago at Youngstown State Illinois-Chicago -1 L
NCB 02/19     8:00 pm   Rhode Island at Virginia Commonwealth Virginia Commonwealth -8 W