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Current Handicapping Records
SportWinsLossesWin %RankUnitsRank
NFL3827.3 %51-158.051
NCF5935.7 %51-179.049
NBA857254.1 %13145.017
NCB15514252.2 %31-17.033
MLB17314554.4 %41217.735
NHL565650.0 %25-326.726
CFL5271.4 %396.06
WBA000.0 %00.00
OverallWinsLossesWin %RankUnitsRank
Past 7 Days5645.5%47-113.949
Past 30 Days223340.0%54-529.253
Active Season48243452.6%49-222.055

Past Records
Last Season50-34 /   448.065-43 /   807.384-81 /   -221.0157-137 /   396.0175-139 /   356.656-45 /   -226.8
Prior Season41-29 /   385.064-51 /   229.072-58 /   273.0143-154 /   -1269.0144-177 /   -1638.561-47 /   -162.0

NFL 09/16 8:15 pm   Cleveland Browns at New York Jets

About VegasProInsidersDaily Handicapping Services :

Doug Upstone of Docsports.com has been involved in sports handicapping in some form or another his entire adult life. NOBODY watches and studies games more than he does. Whether it is live or going back and watching later, Doug has game notes and observations dating back two decades. (Yes, somehow he’s still married to his original wife)

Doug is process person, meaning he’s developed his own power ratings in different sports to determine if the lines are accurate from his perspective, yet always follows the fundamentals when handicapping games.

Doug’s articles are a must read ( https://www.docsports.com/cappers.html?cap_id=30 )and he’s been heard on various sports radio talk shows around the country for years and never has a shortage of opinions. Plus, his Line Moves article is one of the most consistently viewed pieces among sports bettors.

Doug has been writing articles and doing videos for 10 years at SportsbookReview.com and consistently has among the most views at that site.

Doug has had 21 No. 1 rankings at online sports monitors in a multitude of sports and consistently delivers HUGE profits. He’s known for his diligence, preparation, knowledge, focus and his willingness to share his expertise.His articles have been in the New York Post.com, Sportsbookreview.com., RantSports.com, Covers.com, Playbook.com, Daily Racing Form, StatFox.com and Sportsbook.ag on a daily basis, along with being seen at many different websites on the internet.

Doug continues to write for several different internet sites besides his work at Docsports.com. Need Winners starting today, Doug is the man to deliver them.

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Cappers Monitor Awards held by VegasProInsidersDaily

Game Results For The Past 30 Days
MLB 08/17     6:40 pm   St Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds St Louis Cardinals -111 L
MLB 08/17     7:20 pm   Los Angeles Dodgers at Atlanta Braves Los Angeles Dodgers -144 L
CFL 08/17     4:00 pm   Hamilton TigerCats at Ottawa RedBlacks Hamilton TigerCats -2 W
NFL 08/18     8:00 pm   Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings Seattle Seahawks 4 L
MLB 08/18     4:10 pm   San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks San Francisco Giants -91 L
NFL 08/19     8:00 pm   San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos Denver Broncos -2 L
MLB 08/19     7:05 pm   Washington Nationals at Pittsburgh Pirates Washington Nationals -107 W
MLB 08/22     7:20 pm   Miami Marlins at Atlanta Braves under 9.5 W
MLB 08/23     7:10 pm   Philadelphia Phillies at Miami Marlins Philadelphia Phillies -1.5 L
MLB 08/23     8:10 pm   Los Angeles Angels at Houston Astros Houston Astros -1.5 L
CFL 08/24     10:00 pm   Hamilton TigerCats at BC Lions Hamilton TigerCats -2.5 W
MLB 08/24     7:10 pm   Texas Rangers at Chicago White Sox Chicago White Sox -130 L
MLB 08/24     7:15 pm   Colorado Rockies at St Louis Cardinals St Louis Cardinals -1.5 W
MLB 08/25     1:10 pm   Atlanta Braves at New York Mets New York Mets -99 L
MLB 08/26     3:10 pm   Atlanta Braves at Colorado Rockies Atlanta Braves -140 L
MLB 08/27     7:10 pm   Chicago Cubs at New York Mets New York Mets 114 L
MLB 08/27     8:10 pm   Tampa Bay Rays at Houston Astros under 7.5 L
MLB 08/27     8:15 pm   Oakland Athletics at Kansas City Royals Oakland Athletics -200 W
MLB 08/29     2:10 pm   Tampa Bay Rays at Houston Astros Houston Astros -1.5 L
MLB 08/30     7:05 pm   New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies -142 L
NCF 08/31     7:00 pm   Boise State at Florida State Florida State -6 L
NCF 08/31     7:30 pm   Georgia Southern at LSU Georgia Southern 28 L
NCF 08/31     7:30 pm   Oregon at Auburn Oregon 4 L
NCF 08/31     7:30 pm   Virginia at Pittsburgh Virginia -2 W
NCF 08/31     8:00 pm   Louisiana Tech at Texas Louisiana Tech 21 L
NCF 08/31     10:30 pm   Fresno State at USC USC -13 L
MLB 09/01     1:05 pm   Cincinnati Reds at St Louis Cardinals St Louis Cardinals -145 W
MLB 09/02     8:10 pm   Colorado Rockies at Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers -1.5 W
MLB 09/03     10:07 pm   Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics Oakland Athletics -163 W
MLB 09/04     1:05 pm   New York Mets at Washington Nationals Washington Nationals -111 L
MLB 09/05     1:10 pm   Chicago White Sox at Cleveland Indians Cleveland Indians -1.5 L
MLB 09/05     8:10 pm   Seattle Mariners at Houston Astros Houston Astros -1.5 W
MLB 09/06     7:10 pm   New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox New York Yankees -114 L
MLB 09/06     8:10 pm   Los Angeles Angels at Chicago White Sox Chicago White Sox -140 L
MLB 09/06     7:05 pm   St Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates St Louis Cardinals -170 L
NCF 09/07     3:30 pm   Texas AM at Clemson Texas AM 17.5 W
NCF 09/07     3:30 pm   UNC Charlotte at Appalachian St Appalachian St -22 L
NCF 09/07     7:00 pm   Western Kentucky at Florida Intl Florida Intl -8 L
NCF 09/07     10:30 pm   California at Washington Washington -13 L
NCF 09/07     10:30 pm   Minnesota at Fresno State Fresno State 3.5 W
NFL 09/08     1:00 pm   Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins Baltimore Ravens -6 W
NFL 09/08     1:00 pm   Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Buffalo Bills 3 W
NFL 09/08     1:00 pm   Kansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars Kansas City Chiefs -2.5 W
MLB 09/08     1:05 pm   Texas Rangers at Baltimore Orioles Texas Rangers -135 W
MLB 09/10     8:40 pm   St Louis Cardinals at Colorado Rockies St Louis Cardinals -141 L
MLB 09/10     10:07 pm   Cleveland Indians at Los Angeles Angels Cleveland Indians -130 W
MLB 09/11     8:40 pm   St Louis Cardinals at Colorado Rockies St Louis Cardinals -148 L
MLB 09/13     8:15 pm   Milwaukee Brewers at St Louis Cardinals St Louis Cardinals -114 W
NCF 09/13     6:00 pm   North Carolina at Wake Forest Wake Forest -2.5 W
NCF 09/14     1:00 pm   Air Force at Colorado Air Force 3 W
NCF 09/14     3:30 pm   Alabama at South Carolina Alabama -24.5 L
NCF 09/14     7:30 pm   Florida State at Virginia Virginia -7 P
MLB 09/14     2:20 pm   Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs -1.5 W
NFL 09/15     1:00 pm   Los Angeles Chargers at Detroit Lions Los Angeles Chargers -1.5 L
NFL 09/15     1:00 pm   Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers -3 L
NFL 09/15     4:25 pm   Chicago Bears at Denver Broncos Chicago Bears -2 P
MLB 09/15     4:07 pm   Tampa Bay Rays at Los Angeles Angels Tampa Bay Rays -161 L