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Current Handicapping Records
SportWinsLossesWin %RankUnitsRank
NFL221166.7 %11349.012
NCF291467.4 %7660.08
NBA000.0 %370.040
NCB15713753.4 %31396.024
MLB17513955.7 %13356.623
NHL2166.7 %310.07
CFL000.0 %00.00
WBA000.0 %00.00
OverallWinsLossesWin %RankUnitsRank
Past 7 Days10566.7%15180.017
Past 30 Days382164.4%2610.613
Active Season38530256.0%201771.617

Past Records
Last Season41-29 /   385.064-51 /   229.084-81 /   -221.0143-154 /   -1269.0144-177 /   -1638.556-45 /   -226.8
Prior Season45-46 /   -300.048-61 /   -1005.072-58 /   273.0160-123 /   1043.0184-152 /   670.261-47 /   -162.0


About VegasProInsidersDaily Handicapping Services :
      Want to know a bit about me? My name is Doug Upstone of Vegas Pro Insiders Daily (www.facebook.com/VegasProIndsidersDaily). I have been involved with the sports handicapping industry in some form or another my entire adult life.

Nobody, I repeat nobody, watches and studies the games more than I do. I have game notes and observations dating back almost two decades. Iím a process person, meaning I have power ratings in different sports and like to determine if existing lines are accurate. I start with the fundamentals when handicapping games and end up with winning picks.

I am the President of Vegas Pro Insiders Daily, where I share my sports analysis and insight. Youíll also find me participating in various internet radio and television sports programming shows picking Winners and delivering quality information.

I enjoy helping people that want to learn about sports, and for those who want to wager, I enjoy helping them win. Iíve worked diligently to get to this point ó my deep analysis has lead to me winning a lot of industry accolades and wagering earnings, both for myself and others.This is why I started Vegas Pro Insiders Daily, to help people learn with great information.

If youíre new to sports analysis, take a minute to poke around. The whole point is to learn something you didnít know and have it be useful in your knowledge of sports which helps build your bankroll.

You will see I have also won a number of awards at Cappers Monitor, proving my skills.


Cappers Monitor Awards held by VegasProInsidersDaily

Game Results For The Past 30 Days
NCF 09/15     1:00 pm   Tulane at UAB UAB 4 W
NCF 09/15     4:00 pm   Texas-San Antonio at Kansas State Kansas State -20.5 W
NCF 09/15     6:00 pm   Eastern Michigan at Buffalo Eastern Michigan 3.5 L
NCF 09/15     8:00 pm   Ohio State at TCU Ohio State -12.5 L
NFL 09/16     1:00 pm   Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Bucs Philadelphia Eagles -2.5 L
NFL 09/16     4:25 pm   New England Patriots at Jacksonville Jaguars New England Patriots -1 L
NFL 09/16     8:20 pm   New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys New York Giants 3.5 L
NFL 09/16     1:00 pm   Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Miami Dolphins 3.5 W
MLB 09/18     7:40 pm   Cincinnati Reds at Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Brewers -180 L
NFL 09/20     8:20 pm   New York Jets at Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns -2.5 W
NCF 09/22     3:30 pm   Clemson at Georgia Tech Clemson -15.5 W
NCF 09/22     3:30 pm   Kansas State at West Virginia Kansas State 16.5 L
NCF 09/22     4:00 pm   Arizona at Oregon State Oregon State 7 L
NCF 09/22     7:00 pm   Louisiana Tech at LSU Louisiana Tech 20.5 W
NCF 09/22     10:30 pm   Arizona State at Washington Arizona State 18 W
NCF 09/22     12:00 pm   Minnesota at Maryland Maryland -1 W
NCF 09/22     12:00 pm   Navy at SMU Navy -6 L
NFL 09/23     1:00 pm   Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens -4.5 W
NFL 09/23     4:05 pm   Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Chargers 7.5 L
NFL 09/23     4:25 pm   Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks -1 W
NFL 09/23     8:20 pm   New England Patriots at Detroit Lions New England Patriots -6.5 L
NCF 09/28     9:00 pm   UCLA at Colorado Colorado -9 W
NCF 09/29     3:30 pm   Western Michigan at Miami (OH) Western Michigan -2 L
NCF 09/29     4:00 pm   Southern Miss at Auburn Southern Miss 27.5 W
NCF 09/29     6:00 pm   Utah at Washington State Washington State 2 W
NCF 09/29     10:30 pm   Toledo at Fresno State Fresno State -9.5 W
NCF 09/29     12:00 pm   Syracuse at Clemson Syracuse 26 W
NFL 09/30     1:00 pm   Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots New England Patriots -6 W
NFL 09/30     4:05 pm   Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders -2.5 W
NFL 09/30     8:20 pm   Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore Ravens 3 W
MLB 10/03     8:00 pm   Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees New York Yankees -168 W
NHL 10/03     7:05 pm   Montreal Canadians at Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto Maple Leafs -225 W
NFL 10/04     8:20 pm   Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots New England Patriots -10 W
NCF 10/05     9:00 pm   Utah State at BYU Utah State 3.5 W
MLB 10/05     9:35 pm   Atlanta Braves at Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers -218 W
NCF 10/06     3:30 pm   South Alabama at Georgia Southern Georgia Southern -11.5 W
NCF 10/06     7:00 pm   Kentucky at Texas AM Texas AM -5 W
NCF 10/06     7:30 pm   Nebraska at Wisconsin Wisconsin -16.5 W
NCF 10/06     12:00 pm   Oklahoma at Texas Texas 7.5 W
NCF 10/06     12:20 pm   Syracuse at Pittsburgh Syracuse -3 L
NFL 10/07     1:00 pm   Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens -2.5 L
NFL 10/07     1:00 pm   New York Giants at Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers -6 L
NFL 10/07     8:20 pm   Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans Dallas Cowboys 3.5 W
MLB 10/07     8:05 pm   Los Angeles Dodgers at Atlanta Braves Los Angeles Dodgers -167 L
MLB 10/08     4:35 pm   Los Angeles Dodgers at Atlanta Braves Los Angeles Dodgers -135 W
NHL 10/09     8:05 pm   Los Angeles Kings at Winnipeg Jets Winnipeg Jets -185 W
NFL 10/11     8:20 pm   Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles -1 W
NHL 10/11     7:35 pm   Vancouver Canucks at Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa Bay Lightning -1.5 L
NCF 10/13     3:30 pm   Purdue at Illinois Illinois 10.5 L
NCF 10/13     3:30 pm   Washington at Oregon Oregon 3.5 W
NCF 10/13     7:30 pm   Wisconsin at Michigan Wisconsin 10 L
NCF 10/13     10:30 pm   Colorado at USC Colorado 7.5 L
NCF 10/13     10:30 pm   Wyoming at Fresno State Fresno State -17 W
NCF 10/13     12:20 pm   Duke at Georgia Tech Duke 3 W
NCF 10/13     12:30 pm   Louisville at Boston College Boston College -12.5 W
NFL 10/14     1:00 pm   Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings -9.5 W
NFL 10/14     1:00 pm   Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers 2 W
NFL 10/14     1:00 pm   Tampa Bay Bucs at Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons -2.5 W
NFL 10/14     4:05 pm   Los Angeles Rams at Denver Broncos Los Angeles Rams -6 L